Phantom Cradles

Phantom Cradles


Phantom Cradle Features

    • Eliminates need for wedges or tape
    • Shorter setup time reduces personnel exposures
    • Water-resistant foam*

NEMA IEC PET Body Phantom Cradle

  • Designed to match tabletop dimensions making for reproducible phantom positioning
  • Scanner model specific designs
    • GE Discovery 690, 710, MI and MI DR (ds-ge-ph)
    • Philips Vereos (ds-ph-ver)
    • Siemens Biograph and Biograph mCT (ds-si-bio ), Vision (ds-si-vis )

Jaszczak Flangeless SPECT and Esser PET Phantom Cradle (nmtk3)

  • Designed to support phantom with minimal distance from tabletop surface

General Purpose Phantom Cradle (nmtk4)

  • Maximum phantom diameter supported is 23 cm
  • Support phantoms longer than the cradle length of 31 cm
  • Straight bottom makes this cradle ideal for flat top tables

Jaszczak Flanged SPECT Phantom Cradle (nmtk6 and nmtk7)

  • Cradle thickness slightly larger than flange dimension

Cardiac Phantom Cradle (nmtk8)

  • Designed for cardiac mode scanning with off-center phantom positioning
  • Well suited for GE Discovery 530c and GE Ventri cameras

CTDI 32cm Body Phantom Cradle (nmtk5)

  • Makes body phantom alignment easy and accurate

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