QA Benchmark

AutoQA Plus CT

AutoQA processing for Catphan phantoms

Recent software updates include

  • ACR CT phantom (Gammex 464) analysis
  • Water/Uniformity phantom analysis

AutoQA Plus Catphan QA


AutoQA PlusĀ  MR

ACR MRI phantom

ACR MRI QA Analysis Software

Phantom Cradle for NEMA IEC PET Body phantom.

PET/CT vendor models supported; GE Discovery 690, 710, MI, MIDR, Philips Vereos, Siemens Biograph, Biograph mCT, Vision

See our video on the Phantom Cradle page!

Phantom Cradle PET IQ Testing


  • NEMA NU-1 Performance Measurements of Gamma Camera' test fixtures; Multi Window Spatial Resolution, System Spatial Resolution, SPECT Reconstructed Spatial Resolution without Scatter. (nmtk-1)
SPECT Reconstructed Spatial Resolution w/o Scatter (nmtk-rsr)

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