QA Benchmark

AutoQA Plus CT

AutoQA processing for Catphan phantoms.

ACR CT phantom (Gammex 464) analysis now available.


AutoQA PlusĀ  MR

ACR MRI phantom


Phantom Cradle for NEMA IEC PET Body phantom.

PET/CT vendor models supported; GE Discovery 690, 710, MI, MIDR, Philips Vereos, Siemens Biograph, Biograph mCT, Vision

See our video on the Phantom Cradle page!

NEMA/IEC PET Body Cradle
Siemens Biograph PET Body Cradle


  • NEMA NU-1 Performance Measurements of Gamma Camera' test fixtures; Multi Window Spatial Resolution, System Spatial Resolution, SPECT Reconstructed Spatial Resolution without Scatter. (nmtk-1)
SPECT Reconstructed Spatial Resolution w/o Scatter (nmtk-rsr)

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