Nuclear Medicine

NMToolKit QA

NMToolKit Analysis supports NEMA acceptance testing protocols and routine SPECT Gamma Camera QC. NMToolKit product data sheet download

NEMA processing tools;

  • Intrinsic spatial resolution and intrinsic spatial linearity
  • Multiple window spatial registration
  • System spatial resolution with and without scatter
  • SPECT reconstructed spatial resolution without scatter
  • SPECT reconstructed spatial resolution with scatter
  • Flood field uniformity
  • System planar sensitivity

SPECT QC processing tools;

Deluxe Jaszczak phantom (Data Spectrum, Durham, NC);

  • Reconstructed image uniformity
  • Contrast - solid spheres

Ectphan™ (The Phantom Laboratory, Salem, NY);

  • Slice thickness, slice incrementation, pixel size, spatial resolution – point spread function (PSF), reconstructed image uniformity
  • NEMA SPECT reconstructed spatial resolution with scatter (3 line or point source inserts)


  • Results available in PDF format
  • Database for all results
  • Export database to csv file format
  • Camera summary reports from database

NMToolKit Fixtures

  • Test fixtures for NEMA Nu1- 2012 are available
    • Multiple Window Spatial Resolution (2.5) - Test pattern and 3 tungsten source holders (2cc vial capacity 9 vials supplied)
    • System Spatial Resolution without Scatter (3.1) - Line source fixture (1mm ID) with 2 - 10cm height support stands with two line source placements 10 cm spaced.
    • SPECT Reconstructed Spatial Resolution without Scatter (4.2) - Support plate with supply (approx. 27) of 1 mm ID glass capillary tubes and sealant.