Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to resolve I/O Error (32) on QALite startup or after selecting a new image folder?

This can be caused by a localiser image or images with different matrices in the image folder last used or just selected.  New release V3.1.5.9 has resolved this issue. Contact QABenchmark for software download link.

How to resolve CT QALite - 'Access Violation Error QALiteProject.exe'?

Instructions to correct Windows 7  Access violation error on startup of CT QALite V3.0 - V3.1


What image matrices are supported?

1024x1024 image matrix has been supported since QALite v3.1.01.  As of QALite v3.1.5.9 image folders with a mix of different matrices  is now supported.  Only square images are supported. Please do not include folders with rectangular images.

Are Compressed  DICOM images supported?

Compressed or enhanced DICOM images are not supported. If found in the selected image folder, they are ignored and will not result in any I/O error.   A future release of a multi-modality QA platform will support compressed and enhanced (CT/XA) images.

Why is the image list blank when there are images are in the selected folder?

When select phantom image screen shows the phantom study information displayed on the left side of the screen but there are no image files available for selection on the right. This can occur when the DICOM tag (0008,0080) 'Institution' field is blank and the user defined 'Facility Name' is blank (as indicated with no text displayed to the right of the IrisQA logo at the top left of the QALite application screen. When the DICOM Institution field is blank,  QALite will substitute the user defined 'Facility Name' for the Facility field on the DICOM directory screen. To resolve this issue the user needs to click on the Exit button, select Options Enter Facility Name and enter facility name or some type of label. The user can now return to Analyze/Select Phantom Images and select images for processing.

Is a water sample supported in Catphan 600 and 700 model phantoms?

The Catphan 700 analysis supports a water sample for CT# linearity measurements.  However, the Catphan 600 analysis does not support the use of a water sample for CT# linearity. If required, please contact us and we will supply the necessary phantom configuration files that supports water.

What Scanning patient orientations are support for the Catphan 700?

The only patient orientation scan mode supported is Head-First-Supine (HFS). Not supported is Head-first-prone (HFP), Feet-first-supine (FFS), Feet-first-prone (FFP) orientation modes. Processing data from these phantom orientations will result in errors that incorrectly locate targets used for MTF, CT linearity, slice width measurements.

How to move or Deactivate a software license?

When the user needs to move a license from one system to another the current license needs to be deactivated.  This applies for both CT QAlite or a NMTools license. Follow these  steps for license deactivation;

  • Locate and run the register.exe application found in C:\Program Files (x86)\IrisQA\IrisQA Reports
  • Select the application from the product drop down list (IrisQA for versions prior to V3.1.01 )
  • Then hit the tab key to move cursor to the First Name field. The screen should then self-populate (which may take up to 10 seconds).
  • Click on the Deactivate Registration button.

If user system has crashed please contact us and provide the license serial number and we will deactivate license.

NMToolKit Reconstructed SPECT Spatial Resolution without Scatter Test Fixture

How to make the three point sources by filling the glass capillary tubes provided with RSR fixture. See instructional video below


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